5 valuable tips to prepare for a professional headshot session.

Calgary Headshot photography smiling portrait at the Freitag Photo Studio with white backdrop

Whether you’re an actor, business leader, or job seeker, a professional headshot session can leave a lasting impact and the resulting images will set you and your business apart. These tips will help ensure you’re ready and get the best possible results from your session: 1. Clothing Selection When picking your attire, opt for solid-colored […]

LinkedIn Headshots – Guidelines for Exceptional LinkedIn Portraits

Calgary Headshot photography portrait against white backdrop

Whether you’re a job seeker or a recruiter immersed in LinkedIn profiles, the impact of a compelling headshot cannot be overstated. LinkedIn members with a headshot receive up to 21 times more profile views than those without, making it a vital component in conveying professionalism and personal brand messaging. However, not any casual selfie will […]

Realtor Headshots – 4 Strategies for Realtors

Enhance Your Virtual Presence The real estate market has experienced an unprecedented surge in activity from 2020 to 2023. With remote work becoming the norm, individuals are reassessing their living situations, leading to an increased reliance on realtors to assist in finding their next home. Research indicates that 43% of buyers prefer to initiate their […]

Professional Headshots – Choosing Appropriate Oufits

Calgary Headshot photography portrait at the Freitag Photo Studio with white backdrop

Crafting the perfect professional headshots is akin to curating a key element of your career arsenal. Often serving as the initial introduction to potential employers, clients, or business associates, it’s crucial to give careful consideration to your choice of attire for the headshot session. What you wear in your professional headshots is an extension of […]