LinkedIn Headshots – Guidelines for Exceptional LinkedIn Portraits

Whether you’re a job seeker or a recruiter immersed in LinkedIn profiles, the impact of a compelling headshot cannot be overstated. LinkedIn members with a headshot receive up to 21 times more profile views than those without, making it a vital component in conveying professionalism and personal brand messaging.

However, not any casual selfie will do for your LinkedIn headshots. In the competitive job market, your image should broadcast a message of professionalism, and a well-crafted, professional headshot is the perfect medium for that message!

Your LinkedIn profile is more than a repository of work experience; it’s your personal brand. Elevate your personal brand with a headshot from one of our skilled photographers at Freitag Photo.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Before scheduling a headshot session, consider whether you prefer an outdoor backdrop or a studio setting. At Freitag Photo, we advise adhering to industry standards. For business and corporate headshots, such as those in finance, law, biotechnology, or start-up tech, studio headshots with a neutral backdrop are recommended. Conversely, for industries like real estate, non-profits, psychology, and therapy, an outdoor headshot may be more fitting.

Poses and Facial Expressions for LinkedIn

LinkedIn headshots are typically closely cropped around the face. For a standout LinkedIn headshot, authenticity is key in both poses and expressions. Avoid forced or unnatural poses that can compromise the quality of your headshot. Your photographer will guide you through various expressions, tailoring them to your industry. Whether it’s a warm smile or a more serious demeanor, your photographer will ensure your headshot reflects your professional persona.

Outfit Decisions for Your Headshot Session

Navigating wardrobe choices for your headshot can be challenging with the variety of examples you’ll encounter, from business attire to more creative looks. Aligning your outfit with industry standards is paramount. Researching the dress code of companies you aspire to work for can provide guidance. For instance, a lawyer’s headshot might involve a three-piece suit with a tie, while a realtor’s session could lean towards a more casual ensemble with a blazer and well-chosen denim.

If you’re planning a visit to 415Headshots for your LinkedIn headshots, fret not! we will will offer personalized recommendations for your outfit before your session.

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