Professional Headshots – Choosing Appropriate Oufits

Crafting the perfect professional headshots is akin to curating a key element of your career arsenal. Often serving as the initial introduction to potential employers, clients, or business associates, it’s crucial to give careful consideration to your choice of attire for the headshot session.

What you wear in your professional headshots is an extension of your personal brand, acting as a visual representation that can leave a lasting impression. Your clothing should not only be clean and pressed but also reflective of the industry in which you operate.

By the conclusion of this blog, you’ll be well-versed in selecting the ideal wardrobe for your professional headshot session.

Clothing Styles for a Professional Headshots

Dress for Your Industry: Tailor your outfit to your industry’s standards. Whether your field leans towards formality or informality, aligning with the prevailing attire norms fosters credibility. A lawyer seeking business headshots might opt for a classic suit jacket, while a software developer in a startup could go for a collared shirt with a sweater.

Bring Various Outfits: Ensure you have options by bringing multiple outfits to your session. This not only provides flexibility but also allows you to experiment with different looks, finding the perfect balance between formal and casual that suits your style.

Wear Simple and Classic Jewelry: Less is more when it comes to jewelry. Stick to subtle and timeless pieces that complement rather than distract. If you wear glasses, they can serve as an accessory in themselves.

What Colors Are Best for a Headshot Session

Stick to Wearing Solid Colors: Make a bold statement with a solid-colored outfit, ensuring it stands out without being distracting. Opt for neutral tones like black, navy, or grey to avoid appearing washed out or too flashy.

Contrast With the Backdrop and Your Skin Tone: Choose colors that contrast with both the backdrop and your skin tone to make your headshot pop. For lighter skin tones, dark colors like black or navy work well, while lighter skin tones can benefit from light colors like white or cream.

Wear Well-Fitted Clothing

Avoid Wearing Unfitted Clothing: Ill-fitting clothes can convey a sloppy and unprofessional image. Seek the expertise of a tailor or seamstress to ensure your clothes fit your body type perfectly.

Wear a Collar That Fits Well: Given that headshots often crop around the neck, pay attention to the fit of your collar. Whether it’s a shirt or blouse, ensure the collar sits comfortably, avoiding extremes of tightness or looseness.

Pick the Perfect Photographer to Match Your Outfit

Your professional headshot is only as good as the photographer capturing it. Choose one of many amazing Calgary Commercial Photographers whose style aligns with your outfit and personal brand. If you’re considering a professional headshot session, explore our individual pricing page for booking details and further information.

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